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Originally Posted by WordsOfWisdumb View Post
Game misconduct for fighting.

If the fight occurs in the third period or overtime, it will be accompanied by a one game suspension. (That way you stamp out all the end of game brawling that would otherwise occur.)

If the NHL put this in place by itself it could claim to be taking a harsh stance on fighting without really taking a hard-line stance at all. (The NHL typically plays lip-service to various things and pretends to care by taking actions and setting rules that don't actually accomplish their original objective.)

You could rub it out for good by increasing the duration of the suspensions, but even a game misconduct for fighting would be a great improvement to the reputation of the game and would allow the NHL to take the moral high ground on fighting and preach about safety while at the same time still seeing fights occur on occasion.
u clearly dont know the game of hockey, with all these "softer" guys who dont want to fight thats why it isn't doing its job. I have 0 doubt in my mind if steve moore just faught Bertuzzi, gets his ass kicked and its over.

Fighting is used to keep people from running around and killing anyone, well since all these fighters are leaving its actually gotten worse, if u knew u would have to fight u wouldn't be going around hitting star players. I hate the penalty where u drop your gloves and u get a penalty and the other player is allowed to skate away and u get a penalty,

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