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03-26-2012, 01:44 PM
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I live in MTL Nord, so yeah I know what you're talking about. Would run into kids like this when i was still working around clubs and stuff.

This one time I was just standing around with my boss at Macaroni Bar (blech) and one of these guys yells at me to move, from like 15 feet out. Naturally I don't know what the **** he's talking about, but I soon piece together that I'm blocking his view of some hot girl and he wants me to move for his viewing pleasure. I promptly return a 'lolwut' expression. Dude then approaches me, and I think he only then figured out that I was a good 7 inches taller than him, since what he was saying up-close had lost most of the conviction of what he had been saying from across the club. His buddies didn't back him up either. Situation ends with him trying to shake my hand

Numbers are a different thing, though. I feel bad for anyone who's ever gotten surrounded by a bunch of thugs (wannabes or otherwise). Best thing to do is always to ignore them, despite how difficult it can be.

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