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03-26-2012, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Haaabs View Post
Well, from what I've seen is that basketball courts are always packed in parks during the summer.

Yes, its the same for Soccer but since whatever team we have here wouldn't be in one of the Premiere leagues then I don't think people would be interested. Maybe I'm wrong though, I know the Impact had a very large crowd for the opener but I don't think they keep that number up.

Basically to me it comes down to the fact that a MTL basketball team would be in the NBA while a MTL soccer team would be in the MLS. I'm speaking from what my soccer fanatic friends say, but they don't give two ***** about the MLS ,to them its the league where rejects and good players go to retire and cash in. They follow the European leagues.
Of course the Impact won't have 50K per game, it was a one off game at the Big O they will now go back to Saputo Stadium and fill that up like they did at the lower level.

There is no real interest in basketball in Montreal. They have tried twice here with minor pro teams playing out of Verdun and they often were lucky to get 400-500 people in the stands. Both teams where gone within a season if I recall. I think the last one was called the Dragons.

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