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03-26-2012, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by thecoffeecake View Post
What's more unbearable than watching this team get rocked day in and day out is reading this ******** some of you post. No offense to anyone, I'm new here and everyone is very nice (and is much more active than the other boards I've been on for years), but guys, come on. I'm so sick of reading "oh, well the Penguins are such a good team, we can drop a game to them, no big deal". Jesus Christ, my stomach turns. I have never gone into a game not expecting the Devils to win. Ever. Not last year even, not ever. As fans, that is our responsibility, to be the voice pushing this team. If we expect our boys to lose, why should they expect to win? Look at our roster. I don't believe any team in the NHL is clearly better than us across the board. We can never accept attitudes like that, we can never as fans expect the team just to roll over because a team is playing well. Ottawa spanked them silly on Saturday night for god's sake, every team in beatable. Pittsburgh is playing well right now, fine, but I have no reason to think Washington or Buffalo or Winnipeg cant take this team out in the first round, I have no reason to think we couldn't handle them in a 7 game series, and I have no reason to believe they will win the cup this year. Was it even a month ago that we had more points than they did? Someone had the balls to post before the Toronto game something along the lines of oh we need to beat Toronto and save a loss for Pittsburgh. That is an unacceptable mentality.

The results we've been seeing this month are totally and completely unacceptable. I have pride in this team and what they represent, and too much of it to ever say "oh, well Pittsburgh's good, they can embarras us, it's fine." **** Pittsburgh and their soft ******** stars, and **** their bandwagon fans that were no where to be seen half a decade ago. They are nobody. We have 6 games left before the playoffs, and I see no reason why we shouldn't earn 12 points.
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