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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
And a few years ago manufacturers started slimming down the bulk and softening up the caps.

High end shoulder pads for instance aren't just bigger and bulkier than mid range; they have more protection in more areas with higher quality foams and inserts.

Look at those four pads, from Total One to Classic. The amount of "bulk" and weight is not very much, especially under a big sweater.

Really what it comes down to is this: high end equipment minimizes risk of injury. You're paying money now to avoid the chance of injury in the future.

That's not to say you will avoid any injury with high end equipment; but most certainly they provide more protection in more areas than cheap equipment:
- shoulder pads add more padding around the ribs, stomach, and back, while adding denser foams and hard inserts to the chest and spine
- gloves add denser foams and plastic inserts to the backroll and fingers, add locked thumbs, and incorporate slash protection
- elbow pads add more slash protection in the forearm and coverage of the bicep as well as cushion for the elbow
- shin pads add more slash protection in the calves and cushion for the knee and shin
- etc, etc, etc

What someone chooses to spend on their protective gear should be none of your damn business and it shouldn't trigger any kind of judgment.
Jarick you have valid points and not to sound contencious... and perhaps I'm more opinionated than I should be, but on the first post (from the article) it does in fact quote Bauer Classics or 5030's for beginners and to spend as much as you can afford into skates.

and my opinion is that beginners require more protection than an intermediate or advanced player in a non-contact league, especially IF playing with other beginners... and that skates (though they do matter) don't matter as much to a beginner

my observation should support that, though I do see 2 types of beginners... those who go full out and those who aren't yet convinced, purchase "budget" gear

in the case of the situation above, yes I would say I would sooner support a beginner to buy the "more" protective equipment... but would I say they need "top-end" equipment? I say no, but you're right, its not my business nor decision.

I think most beginners should start with used or borrowed gear... might sound gross, but for a couple games here and there, they'll learn what fits and brands they prefer (whether be elbows, shins, shoulders, pants) even gloves and heck helmets

I do think that beginners again require at a minimum padded belt and hard tailbone protectors in their pants for falls
Hard plastic cap elbows (but almost any low to medium level have them these days)
Shoulder pads that protect the clavicle and some sort of chest protection to prevent not so much a puck, but rather a spear from another beginner
Shins - I suggest as your knees are so important to "life" that they have a nice cradle system and perhaps some sort of dampening system, but I don't think back of calf hard protection is really that necessary
Helmet? Any will do, as long as it fits (vn's are easiest to fit & adjust) and a proper CAGE, again to protect from arrant sticks more than pucks
I do think gloves are important, and I do think that having PU inserts and good palms are tremendously important, so don't skimp there

but do you need to go out and buy a full underarmour one piece with core shorts,neck guard, high end mouth guard, RBK edge socks & jerseys and RBK 11k everything... well its up to you, but its definately not a "need" but it is what you're comfortable with
I think this is especially the case if you don't know what you like, but I just don't think to many people take punishment like a Holmstrom, especially beginners in a non-contact beginner's league.

Jarick, yesterday I played a 5x5 shinny game against some good players (2 CIS and a couple older, ex Jr A players)
we had ice for 2 hours, and that's where sacraficing some protection for weight and cooling makes a difference
there was a bit of contact, but no full out hits and knowing how to prepare and to make heads up plays and keep my head up is all it takes

however, I do have my jofa elbows my old 852 tack pants, One95 shin pads, and my old Hespeler pro shoulder pads for the "odd" game that I know is going to be phyiscally demanding. (I play in a league where the ref's let things go, but there are a couple notorious teams that will not hold back at your number)
do I notice the weight? hell yes, but as I would only play for short shifts and will give the Hurt intentially back... well I don't mind keeping the equipment around

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