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03-26-2012, 02:28 PM
Not so fast,
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Thanks for all the input.

My feet aren't rolling around in my skates or anything, they just naturally tend to turn in (the whole pronation/supination thing).

On the speedskates, you can adjust the blades so that they aren't dead center under your feet. I ended up moving mine maybe 1/4" to the inside, so that then I didn't have to lean quite so far to get the outside edge. I still was never totally comfortable with that, and it never felt 'easy' to get the edge.

On the hockey skates, there's just a lot more lean to get onto the outside edge, I think. I was able to get to the flat part last night but only by really concentrating on that leg. I was doing backward c-cut drills, I think maybe going forward a bit first will help with that. A little too much with trying to go backwards AND dealing with the edge at the same time. On Friday I did do some of the forward outside edge drills and was able to do the circles with the c-cuts. But adding backwards to the mix threw me completely.

I've been going to public sessions and working on just the skating part of things. There are so many different things I can work on, it's both comforting and scary at the same time. Just knowing that I've got so many things to work on feels a bit overwhelming, but it also makes me feel that this is something I can enjoy doing for quite a while without getting bored. Once I got to a certain point in speedskating, it was kind of the end - during a public session, you can only go so fast and you don't have pads, etc. so you can't really practice going fast or anything! With hockey, there is something new every time that I can work on.

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