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Originally Posted by Samkow View Post

Well, you are from Cincinnati. I've never seen a team inflate numbers quite like the Bengals and Cyclones do. Maybe you're onto something.
Don't know (or care) about the Bengals. However, it's understood that NFL teams announce tickets sold whether those individuals attend or not. The Bengals also turn a very tidy profit and are in no danger of moving to Canada...though many wish that they would.

You obviously haven't been to a Cyclones game in the past six years. Most people tend to overestimate their attendance. They don't even announce season ticket which don't show. They announce them if they get exchanged at a future date. How many people overestimate Jackets attendance?

I guess I done rattled some cages. Too bad. It's a pretty sorry state of affairs when I can score NHL tickets for less than I pay for ECHL tickets. That would be impossible if the team were averaging anything close to 14,600. And that's the facts, Jax announced attendance defenders.

And you all may have the final word on this. Enough bandwidth spent on this.

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