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Originally Posted by NBHockey View Post
Well, I bet my guess of ht and wt are very close to the actuals. It's not that hard to do actually when you are doing it all the time. I'm not looking for an arguement, if someone is not 5'10 and is actually 5'11, so be it. The point of my post was to ask what your first post was comparing size to? My question to you is, when you watched the ACC with the NS players, did they look bigger than the NB ones to you? They didn't to me... as a matter of fact, Bauld, Tower and a couple of others were on the smallish side then.

Becker was 5'9" or so in the fall, probably about 160lbs

I agree with Scoutman1, these are always inflated with the teams list.
By no means was I looking for an arguement it was just my opinion, I agree Bauld and Tower are on the small side but my point was that NB has some skilled players that are not very big and that it will take time to see where they are when they stop growing the same as NS kids .I also agree that teams inflate the size of players those are things that will be corrected by a measuring tape when needed.

Scoutman 1 when you are scouting a kid what are the 5 top things you look for to determine if he is of interest to your team, where does size fit into the equation.

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