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11-17-2003, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by discostu
It's nowhere near equivalent, and you know it.

Phillips doesn't have the injury history that Jonsson does, and is significantly younger and cheaper.

Pothier is a better d-man that Cairns (although they are opposite ends in style). In the playoffs, Cairn's was proven to be a major liability for the Islanders any time when he stepped onto the ice, while Pothier has been a victim of depth since being traded to Ottawa, yet was still able to handle himself without being a liability for the team when he was called upon in hte playoffs.

The prospect comparisons are apt, but that's about it.

If the Isles were looking to dump a d-man like Jonsson, Ottawa's package would be pretty fair. Keep in mind, many teams wouldn't touch him because of the concussion history.

Those deals are a lot more similar than you seem willing to admit. Phillips injury history is fairly extensive and, in fact, Kenny has been the healthier of the two players over the last few years. When both are at full strength, Kenny is every bit as effective, although their styles are different.

Cairns is, in my view, more valuable that Pothier. Cairns is not "a major liability for the Islanders." He has a lousy year last season but he has been a pretty responsible #6 dman. And, unlike Pothier, he actually brings a highly sought after commodity (grit and physical play) to the ice. Personally, I've never been impressed by Pothier and think he belongs in the AHL.

That deals are close to equivalent. And, if the Isles were looking to trade Kenny J., the above deal wouldn't come close to getting it done. Bottom line is that it is an offer of an AHL defensemen and a bunch of fringe prospects for a fairly strong top four guy.

Kenny J may have a concusion history but he is a solid dman and the Isles would have no trouble moving him whatsoever. To be honest, the suggestion that you could get a player of his caliber for this package of players is seriously unrealistic.

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