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03-26-2012, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by hockey jockey View Post
Unless you are very close to some of these players like you say it is just a guesse , I have seen lots of these kids play this year I think your guesses in size are of a little of IMO ,to me Leblanc, Scott and Belic are closer to 6' and as are far as weight that would be impossible to guesse.What are your thoughts on the Becker kid he played u-14 and 15 he is not on your list and he is as big or bigger than any of the kids you mentioned from what I remember from the ACC.Some of these kids will grow a lot and some may not grow much more, a good example of that is Johhny Erb from St John he was 5'8 in his second Bantam and is not much more than that now my point is that size will catch up to some of these early bloomers and that there will be some sleepers that will develope late.

erbs was 5'6

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