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Originally Posted by frackiewicz View Post
Honestly, I'm pretty happy with the outcome of our 3-game stint without Doan. When he was first out, I thought oh *****, rotten timing. And then Vrbata as well? (not that he's scored in recent memory).

So getting a win (from behind) and a tie and a loss? 3 out of 6 possible points? That's OK with me. I think the first game they were all full of "do it for the captain!" The second, they were still focused on that, but then by the third they had kind of run out of gas. There's only so many times you can give your all for the cause before you come up short.

I'm looking forward to meeting the team tomorrow night, then seeing them play on Thursday, well-rested and in with their noble captain at the helm.
good post, but satisfied is probably a better word than happy. The win was not a come from behind...up 3-0 and held on for a 3-2 win. Add in the fact they got the win in regulation against the Avs (a team they ARE competing against for a playoff spot); a point in San Jose in a game which quite frankly they were awful (possibly worse than this game); and, lost in regulation against a team they ARE NOT competing against for a playoff spot.

Boy, the Blues are boring....that style of play should be outlawed

I'm sure Blues fans were not bored at all, good for them, and good for the team and coaches.

The only thing more boring than the game tonight is the same re-hashed criticism of a team and certain players, with absolutely no recognition that there are two teams playing and just maybe the other team deserves some credit for making your team look so bad....

That's not pointed at this thread, or this team's fans. It's pretty much the same thing with every team's fanbase. Even the hardcore Blues fan next to me at the game who kept on commenting during the 1st period on how poorly the Blues were if the Coyotes weren't even on the ice.

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