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Yeah, for the moisture part, I don't get it. You say you hung them up, but then "took them out of the bag to play one week later and they were soaked"? Right when you get home you should take all of your gear out of your bag, and hang it all to dry (on a standard clothes drying rack, or on one of those special "hockey trees"), ideally with a fan on it (though the fan is often not necessary). You can't just open your bag but leave the gear in there, it won't dry properly and your gear will get super nasty. If you want to get technical, evaporation requires a flow of air across the wet surface, when your gear is in your bag there will be virtually no air flow and thus virtually no evaporation, even with a dehumidifier nearby.

As for socks/no socks, I'd personally suggest a nice thin pair of skate socks (you should be able to buy them at any hockey shop). Your feet will IMO sweat a lot more without socks, you don't want your feet right up against those liners, it's nice to have a breathable sock around them, I think of it as sitting in a hot car with a nice cotton t-shirt on, vs. sitting in a hot car with no shirt on, your back is gonna get way more sweaty/sticky against the seat without the shirt on. Skates are also known to get WAY more smelly with sock-less skaters. Some people prefer the feel of bare feet in skates, but if sweat is an issue, you're definitely going to be sweatier with bare feet, especially with the sort of stiff felt liner in the X4.0s (or at least I assume that's the liner they have, I'm in X40s and I think they're very similar). You might be able to get away with bare feet a little more with the more breathable liners, but I'd at least give skate socks a try in your current skates.

Simply in terms of stiffness/durability, yes, higher end skates will tend to be stiffer, and to hold up better to punishment over time. If Bauer Vapor skates fit you best, and you can afford them, something like the X7.0 skates (more or less rebranded X60s) would probably be a good choice for you, a very stiff and durable skate.

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