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11-17-2003, 01:32 PM
Lanny MacDonald*
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Howdy howdy howdy!!! Well, okay Devils fans, a little news flash for you. As badly as you guys don't want Conroy (its your GM who wants him BTW) most Flames fans have even less desire to see Scott "Gomer" Gomez in a Calgary uniform. The Flames have been there and done that. His name was Marc Savard, a player very similar to New Jersey's Gomer Pyle. Now before you get your panties in a knot and start shrieking about how much better "Gomer" is than Savard you better take a look at the stats and see just how similar these two players are. Why goly, its spooky. I'm not sure the Flames would be inclined to bring in another player like him again, especially after Sutter went to great lengths to weed out all the small players from the team. Oh, I know, "Gomer" really isn't that small, he just plays like it. Sounds like a perfect Sutter player! Shazam! Just remember Devils fans, its Lamerillo that is supposedly interested in Conroy, not Sutter interested in "Gomer".

Say is this "Fat Lou" behind "Gomer" in this picture? Must be another attempt to kick "Gomer" to the curb.

BTW... I sure hope Fat Lou managed to get those pants of his changed after the draft. It must have been embarassing walking around with a huge urine stain downt he front of his pants after drafting the smallish pivot. I would guess that's why Fat Lou was holding that jersey in front of him as he walked on stage and then hugged the podium after making the pick. Explains a lot.

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