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03-26-2012, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
Not that we want a 3d liner for cammy, more that we traded for top 9 player (cammy is only able to play top 6, if not he's useless, which was my point). As it stands, the other "top 9" forward in our ranks was AK. And looks like he was already scratched from future plans when the cammy trade happened. Technically, in GM shoes, i think what was meant to be was to replace AK with Bourque (Which i absolutely dislike, since i find AK to be much more productive and useful to a team, except for fighting aspect, "intimidation factor" or whatever), shed one of the big contracts we have on the team ( in case Gomez back fires and we are stuck with his cap hit next year, or part of his cap hit which would still be big.) so we can (hopefully) sign Price and PK to long term juicy contracts and most likely try and get Sutter to sign here.
Thats when i will have better view of the trade, if such things DO happen this summer.

Cammy wasn't fetching a 1st. Maybe a low first, which is not far away from the value of a 2nd (which is in 2013? will be in the low 30's IMO) and a prospect. An inconsistent Bourque is much easier to deal with then an unconsistent and unproductive Cammy.
once again i'm not sold on the trade, but i do see the logic behind it, and the intentions, which is why i wanna see what happens next. i fully expected Bourque to be very inconsitent, and pretty much not very surprised about the result in Montreal, since it's exactly what i heard and saw from him. Assuming that we might of gotten a better return for Cammy, i will not

Also, as much as i dislike the trade, and we might percive as losers in it, i think Cgy is the biggest loser out of this, they gave up a prospect a pick for player that will be useless and probably 10x less motivated next year then he was in MTL this year, because CGY has been sucking, and next year will be some hardcore sucking. They will be stuck with 6m sniper on a lottery team.
There's absolutely no way that Cammy doesn't net at least a mid 1st rounder or good prospect. Yes, we'd probably have to take back some salary on the other side but a mid 1st for a guy like Cammy is reasonable. I'm not suggesting that he'd get us a top five but a mid first certainly isn't out of the question.

As for Cammy, if Calgary is out of it next year at the deadline, they'll just trade him. He's not going to be hard to move.

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