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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Believer View Post
Small chance that we keep the division, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Either way, I am not really panicking. The Rangers have to work out kinks quickly either way.

Its not like winning first waste a surefire hit either. The Rangers still have to get the monkey off their backs with the Caps. Granted, Philly is a much harder matchup(but thats the breaks, you can't expect to go through the playoffs playing the florida's, Buffalo's, Winnipeg's).

I am much more concerned that they start looking like the team earlier in the season than winning the division.
I hate looking ahead, who we might play,... but there is one thing we can do now that will help. And that is win home ice advantage. It won't matter much in the first round, but if we face the Pens later it will be crucial. They don't lose at home.

Also with winning the crown, home ice, we will be going in on a positive note. Always a key entering the playoffs.

I think we will do well in the first round no matter who we play.

Richards is showing signs he's ready for the playoffs. Gabby and Cally too. They are our leaders, and will lead this team by example.

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