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03-26-2012, 10:41 PM
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Speaking of StubHub...I received this email from them tonight:

Preserve Fans' Rights. Oppose the Amendment to Tennessee Senate Bill 3441:

We believe that when you buy a ticket to your favorite concert or sporting event you should be able to give that ticket away as a gift or sell it to whomever you wish. But some ticket companies want to take that right away from fans like you. Right now there is legislation in the Tennessee Senate to protect fan's rights, and you can help preserve a fans rights by telling your Senator to vote against amending Senate Bill 3441. Tell your lawmakers to vote against this legislation.

A proposed amendment to S.B. 3441 would take away the right of fans who buy tickets to resell them in the free market, or give them away to friends or family. We believe that this isnít friendly to consumers. Unfortunately, a large ticket company that has exclusive contracts with a majority of venues and arenas in Tennessee, and manages a large percentage of the top touring artists, wants to pass this bill and wants to control how tickets can be resold or given away.

Simply put, the proposed amendment to S.B. 3441, if passed, would outlaw your ability to give away or sell your tickets to anyone you wish, in any marketplace you choose. Fans deserve this right, but they need to stand up and tell their senators to stand with them.

Please send a letter urging your state legislators to vote against the proposed amendment to S.B. 3441. Thank you for making your voice heard.

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