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Originally Posted by CavemanLawyer View Post
Probably the one thing that irks me on certain days, yet im fine with on another - shot blocking. It's one of those Homer Simpson Boxing Tactic things - takes no skill at all, but can totally shut a team down. Guy goes for shot, just dive down on all the shooting angles.

With soccer, basketball, and other sports, it takes skill to actually block a shot. Hockey, not really. But what can ya do? I remember a commentator jokingly saying put a penalty in if a player purposefully goes down to the ice. Other ideas are to lower the equipment protection. Yet with this done, players will still drop down and block all the shots. I forget what game it was, but it was overtime 4 on 3, defender blocked the shot, was seriously injured, stayed on the ice in the lanes... you guessed it - blocking shots.

I'm sort of curious, but when did this idea that everyone should drop down and take a puck to the face for the team mentality start? Watching the classic games from the 60s and 70s it wasnt anything like this where guy does a wind up and 2 plays drop to their knees ready for the puck to blast them like now.
In the video era, of course, everything is magnified and perhaps the changes in equipment add to that. The stat wasn't officially kept until the late 90s or so, but from memory, Joe Watson had a rugged reputation as one of the most undaunted shot-blockers of the 70s.

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