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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post

Will they attract Bruins/Leafs fans such as yourself?
You're hilarious dude....

Originally Posted by MXD View Post

Hummm... The only the Nords have such potential is if somebody screws up like Pierre Gauthier did.

But... actually, worse than the Goat. How could they grow bigger than Montreal?
Sure the Habs will always retain their core of followers, but lets face it, most of the population aren't die-hard fans. They're bandwagon fans, and the habs profit in the fact that they're the only show in town and the only team that these people will likely relate to (there are exceptions). Also, french is the mother tongue for this particular segment, and one doesn't have to be a genius to realize that blue shirts with fleur de lyse symbols and francophone management and players is naturally more appealing to such bandwagon fans than the red Canadiens.

Throw in some success on the side of the Nords, it's extremely feasible that the Nords become the team people relate to, particularly bandwagon francophone fans throughout the province; which again, make up the majority of the market. Of course there are conditions, but in time, it's possible.

This is in addition to areas that are in close proximity to Quebec city and greater urban area, like Trois Riviers.

Of course, the counter argument is : if this is the case, why were they not bigger back in the day?

Answers - the struggles of the Canadiens over the past 2 decades, growth of hockey in general all over canada particularly with the casual/bandwagon fan (support/viewership/attendance of the NHL is way up ), and the novelty of getting the Nords back.

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