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02-20-2006, 09:10 AM
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Once again HF's shows how utterly ridiculous their ratings are

Originally Posted by FLYLine88
I knew they would rate Lehtonen ahead of Lundqvist, they've been hyping Lehtonen for the past few years as the "best future goalie"...didnt see them giving that stance up on him.

For the record, I would have rated Phaneuf ahead of Lundqvist as well. Phaneuf ahead of Malkin though....probably would have switched those 2.
Both Phaneuf and Lundqvist have shown already what they can do in the NHL which is the ultimate goal of all these prospects, yet players who haven't either performed as well, or are not deemed ready yet, have been selected over those players that are in the running for the Calder and in Lundqvist case the Vezina are rated behind them! As some point actual performance far outweighs potential!

The same case is made in the ridiculous placing of Parise ahead of Prucha. Some may say that Prucha may never get any better, or he could be a flash in the pan ( I personally don't think so, I've been tracking him for 3 yrs), but how can the same logic not be applied to Parise? How does anyone know what you see in him today is all that there is, a son version of the father, an average NHLer! What a JOKE!