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03-27-2012, 07:12 AM
Not so fast,
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I'm pretty sure my ankles are collapsing inwards. I had that problem on the speedskates, and while I obviously learned to use the outside edge eventually (otherwise I never would have been able to do crossovers at all), I never felt like I was totally comfortable on it. Outside edge drills were always a chancy thing - sometimes I could do them, sometimes not.

I'll work on the figure 8's and the edge drills, now that I know what the issue is I can work on fixing it. Bending the knees will make a big difference, I already know that I feel so much more stable when gliding and pushing with the knees bent.

I'll look into the inserts too. I used them for a while on the speedskates, it did make a difference in providing a little bit of a barrier to letting the ankle collapse too much. I may even still have my inserts from the other skates...

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