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03-27-2012, 07:19 AM
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I should not do this and join this discussion, but I can't help myself.

1. Martin Reway
2. Marko Daňo
3. Patrik Koyš
4. Matej Paulovič
5. Peter Cehlárik
6. Juraj Šiška
7. Tomáš Torok
8. Adrián Sloboda
9. Martin Boboš
10. Patrik Luža
Luža should not be listed in Top 10. Buri & Predajnianský are better. Valjent probably too... Kečkeš is interesting case. He didn't play good at Vlado Dzurilla tournament and that was the only opportunity to see him for me.

alko: I really like that you point Lantoši and Holešinský. They're pretty good, but still there are few players who are better than Lantoši out of 1995 class and Holešinský out of 1996 class, and they have not been mentioned yet.

Definitely Rehák should be mentonied. I would put him ahead of Török. Timotej Šille and Kristián Horvát (+ Lantoši) were allegedly the only bright sights at U17 tournament in Füssen in February. Especially Šille is great player. But I can't help myself, whenever I see him, it seems to me that he's playing on 50 per cent . But well, that's his playing style.

Out of 1996 class, really don't understand why you pointed just Holešinský. Yeah, he's good, but I would never put him ahead of Halama, Briestenský or Haščič... Interesting fact is that in Füssen (U17 tournament) were two players from 1996 (I don't count Sloboda, who is stable part of U17 NT) class and both were from Banská Bystrica - Samuel Ivanič and Filip Adamčík.

Both are good, no doubt, but simultaneously both are not the best players from 1996 class. Except Sloboda, I don't see that any 1996 D-man could in U17 NT. In offense is situation little bit different, I could imagine few 1996 forwards in U17 NT but Adamčík is not among them. Except Haščič, Briestenský and Halama I have to mention "Prešov" line: Ferenc - Krajňák - Milý.

About 1997s... I don't know them well, but Bondra and Černák from Košice could be interesting to watch.

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