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03-27-2012, 07:41 AM
Chapin Landvogt
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Just saw the game on Divo.

Had to laugh. These two points were absolutely GIVEN away. Tampa didn't even wanna win that thing. They played so horrendously in so many portions of the game... Just ridiculous that they got two points there.

A few things that popped out.
- Nielsen has a career high in goals. Can he score more than Parenteau?
- Hamonic had a rough game. He made some poor decisions, both with respect to what he was doing with the puck and his positioning.
- What in all of God's green nature was Streit doing on Stamkos' first goal? Seriously, that was one of the most disgusting things I've seen all season.
- Butchie was extraordinarily brutal in this game. So many falsities, it hurt my ears.
- Bailey is definitely looking like a future winger to me.
- Boy, Grabner had 5 minutes of time with the puck in one scene and then whiffed when he finally decided to take a shot. Brutal! Wow, that's just sooo ECHL.
- The fourth line was actually pretty good.
- Montoya was sooooo 'meh', it hurt. Expecially that goal by Pyatt to tie it up at three. How does Montoya himself not intercept that pass??? At the end of the day, he easily could have won this thing on his own just by being 'solid'. He wasn't. I think the writing is on the wall in his case.
- It was CLEAR that Wallace was gonna score this game. It ended up being the winner.
- Funny seeing Trevor Smith in the line-up. Just amazing how many ex-Isles they had out there. Throw in the Stamkos-Tavares-Martin connection as well as the Purcell-Moulson connection and you can see why this game was more like a sloppy friendly between two non-playoff teams than anything else.
- Gotta say, I am soooooooooooooo glad we have Tavares and not Hedman. Holy cow, does that guy look like little more than an average Dman. Granted, he's got plenty of time to improve, bad he made some brutal decisions.

OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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