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Originally Posted by Kessel View Post
I attempted my first hockey order from the states around x-mas when HM was having clearance+25% off..I ordered 3 sticks in total..had them shipped to a border stop and drove across to pick it up..When it came time to pay duty I had to pay what the sticks actually retailed for..not the clearance+25% off price..I can't remember exactly what I paid I threw the paper out but it was like $30-40 in duty(Yes I even brought invoice showing what I paid)..for 2 vapor x40's and a cheapo Easton S3..which made the deal not so good afterall when you factor in gas/making the trip..The only Canadian shipping option was $50 and you never know if they will hit you with the duty fee to boot

I understand supply and demand but they really gouge us Canadians
That makes no sense! Did you try to fight it?

But also, you probably paid 0$ in Duty. You paid HST, Tax and Duty are not the same. They also legally cannot charge you tax for more then what you paid as long as you have a receipt to prove what you paid, UNLESS they think you are being fraudulent. I buy cars from the states, You actually can save a boat load in registering a car by paying at the border, because when you go to a Service Ontario they tax you are the Blue Book value is, vs the Border that charges you at what you paid. I also shop through the states every two weeks I know the rules, also my girlfriend works for CBSA.

Also remember this for next time,

If you disagree with the amount of duty and taxes that you have to pay, please ask to speak with the superintendent on duty. A consultation can often resolve the issue quickly and without cost. If you are still not satisfied, our officers can tell you how to make a formal appeal.

That is from the CBSA website.

Don't let this happen next time!

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