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03-27-2012, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
If nothing else, it occupies a roster spot and a contract spot on someone who may or may not be any good. And once a college free agent signs, he goes from "good prospect" to "25-year-old with limited pro experience". In other words, their trade value is extremely low unless the guy really shows something early. 2nd-rounders, as a liquid asset, have value. Prospects drafted with 2nd-rounders have value. Someone who was an undrafted college free agent...not so much.
I view it as a low risk, low cost, opportunity to augment your talent pool, supply depth and occasionally hit on a guy who becomes a serviceable and in some cases very good hockey player. An organization like the CBJ absolutely should be involved in this process to a much higher degree than they are. They aren't going to win battles for unrestricted free agents with most other organizations given the state of the franchise, but they could very easily incrementally beat another organziations financial commitment to an undrafted kid and offer a much quicker opportunity to play at the nhl level.

Look, it isnt the silver bullet and the fail rate will significantly beat the success rate - but there are good players to be found here and the level of money being spent is certainly within our means. There is no reason we couldnt be competitive in this arena and it has bugged me that we havent been more so recently. This isnt make or break for a franchise, but I think you shouldn't turn your back on it.

Put another way, the CBJ tried to sign Matt Read after his junior year, but couldnt get it done. He then signs with the Flyers for a contract that basically is what we are now paying Allen York or Brett Lebda...

I think in retrospect tossing in a couple more $100,000 or making the money guaranteed would have been a good idea.

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