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03-27-2012, 01:27 PM
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Like I said on another thread, unless Molson doesn't turn this around culturally, I see Habs fans shifting towards being Quebec fans. And frankly, it won't be funny. You'll be attending Habs games and I envision seeing more Quebec fans than Habs fans. Slowly but surely, the Nords will influx a local flavor to the team without destroying it. Phoenix have a prett good base of players that will make them pretty tough to play against real soon. But the rivalry won't be there as much as it was before, because before there were a lot more local players on each team. And people would NEVER changed allegeance. While I don't believe it's the case right now. Since the Nords left, this Habs team have never been nothing else but dissapointing. And lately, they are dissapointing AND people aren't feeling attached to it as they once were. If nothing is done in that department, people will shift. And for whoever says good riddance, you are just downplaying the number of people who will. And are actually underestimating Quebecor which you should never do.

Personnally, I think that the greatest of news that the Habs could have had, was to see Quebecor buy the team and not Molson. That way, I don't see the Nords coming back that soon. And I tell you, the Nords coming back will have a way more negative effect than Péladeau owning the team. 'Cause for whoever didn't want Péladeau to own the team because he'd be just satisfied to make this team way too "local", well you'll see what Molson will do. And frankly, if Péladeau would have had a press release saying that he is deeply sorry about the Cunneyworth's hiring, most people in here would have called him all sorts of ugly names.

I will always be a Habs fan. Will never change my allegeance. But they better act accordingly and realize what the market is all about. Or let's say what the market will be about. Yeah, winning is the most important. But you don't win first and then build a team. You build first, and how you build it is key. And if you need time, well there's only one way to build it. You have to gain the confidence back. You have to make sure that those fans are proud to be associate with your team. You have to get some local talent in, the good ones. And then, you have to win.

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