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03-27-2012, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
You realize, of course, that Bourque outscored Cammalleri last year and was doing it again this year prior to the trade while making half his salary, right? If you're going to portray one as a god and the other as scum, you should at least check the facts.
I know the facts. I wouldn't portray Cammy as God either...
Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
Regardless, I'd like to see how Bourque does with us with a real coach behind the bench before I pass my judgement.
The whole premise was wrongheaded. Even if say Bourque was as good as Cammy... who cares? I mean seriously why are we trading for this guy? He's a 30 year old problem child who isn't going to help us 'win it now' so why are we trading for him when we were so far out of a playoff spot? It was a horrific misallocation of assets.

If you're not getting a good prospect or at least a 1st rounder, don't trade the guy. And definitely don't do it for another vet with a bad reputation for not caring about anything. Esp when this clown has a longer contract.
Originally Posted by habitue View Post
Was Plekanec traded ?

It's not the first and last time the habs are fleeced in a trade. Get use to it !
Get used to it? Seriously? That might be what Bubba says to his slave up in Cell Block 6B and maybe that guy doesn't have a choice but we can fire our GM. PGs the common slave of the entire cell block and we're getting rag dolled all the time. Enough with the brutality already, somebody put him in solitary confinement.
Originally Posted by habitue View Post
Anyway, we got a 2nd round pick + Holland for Cammy...And Bourque is a very tradable asset with his cap hit. I am expecting better from him next season under a new coach. Playing on a 3rd with Eller might help, or with DD for a while.

I am madder at the AK trade, when Buffalo got a 1st for ****ing gaustad, and we got only a 2nd (in 2013...)... This one I hate.
Both were dumb and nobody wants Bourque. We could've packaged Cammy AND AK together to get something good. But then Bubba would be upset so...

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