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11-17-2003, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by discostu
Exactly! You don't know where these negotiations are going, yet you'll hypocritically comment on where it isn't going.
I don't know anything. Neither do you. The difference is that you take what is being written and pretend it means something besides nothing. You "read between the lines" of a pile of BS and wonder why I laugh at your opinions as even more convoluted BS.

I don't believe the NHLPA any more than I believe the owners. We are watching an elaborate dance, a pageant both sides are trying to control. The owners are trying to control it because they want a structure that eliminates elite teams. The players are trying to control it because the only way to eliminate elite teams is to control the amount of money elite teams can spend.

But going back to your opinion on the matter, why are you so worried about giving a prediction? Are you worried that the outcome of these negotiations may disprove a lot of your other opinions?
A prediction about what? Whether the NHL will manage to turn the NHL into a poor man's NFL? I don't know. I hope not. I'm saying that that is the agenda and I'm saying that will suck for the fan. As I've told you before I don't care what the owners say about losing money and I don't care what the players make. I do care about the game, what it takes to build a winner, and I do care about having great teams in the NHL.

I don't like the way the owners want to change the game. I don't like the way they have changed the game in the past and if we give them a chance they will really screw it up.

That is a legitimate fan interest, one that I wish would become part of the discussion. As long as it is stupid arguments about who is making how much money the impact of the CBA on the game - not on the league, not the players, not the owners - is ignored.

If the final outcome of the CBA is a solution that will put downward pressure on salaries, isn't that an admission by the players that salaries are currently too high? Wouldn't that go against everything else that you've claimed on these boards?
No. In fact I've been predicting salaries will fall for quite some time. There has been downward pressure on salaries ever since revenues levelled off. If salaries are too high to be sustained, they will come down no matter what is in the CBA.

I don't think you understand my arguments or opinions.

Also, everything that I've stated here is based on where I think the negotiations are going to go. Honestly, in this issue, the impact on the game is secondary.
The impact on the game is the only thing that matters. I care a lot about that and zero about how much money William Wirtz or Jaromir Jagr makes. I don't know why you care about anything except the impact on the game. Are you an owner, a player or a fan?


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