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03-27-2012, 03:07 PM
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Guys, remember when we won the cup in '99. Yeah, that's SO last century, we need a new look. How's about we make a logo that has nothing to do with anything aside from the female reproductive system and add colors that aren't part of our scheme:

Alright, scrap that. We need a guy with a history of concussions. Anyone available? Lindros, eh? PERFECT! But that's not dumb enough, we need a guy who's gonna get a DUI while driving on 3 tires and a rim. GO GET BARNABY!

You're saying those decisions sucked horribly? Ok fine, let's give Sean Avery 4 million dollars a year. He'll never say anything so asinine BEFORE a game that will get him suspended, right? Oh, that's not gonna work?

Fine, let's release the two players that anyone outside of Dallas has ever heard of. That'll help the fan base, right? Dallas Stars, consider yourselves mocked.

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