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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
I wouldn't say faster. Remember that better skates will never make you a better player. Stiffer and more supportive skates will definitely lead to better energy transfer and edge control though; that much will always be true. In lower end skates, every stride, stop, crossover etc. will have energy lost in flexing the boot. A stiffer skate will put more of that energy in stability and control like you said. It is definitely noticeable if you're jumping from a Silver Edition to a 4.0 for example. The degree of improvement depends on the person.

If price is a concern, why not find an old pair of X:40s or X:30s? They're basically the same skates as the X5.0 and X4.0 respectively. The good thing about Bauer is that at the level of improvement at each pricepoint is very even. There will never be any huge jumps when you upgrade or downgrade a level.
The improvement in edge control is exactly what I've been looking for. There are definitely times where I'll be pushing off on an edge and I feel like I lose energy or momentum with each stride. Scraping a lot of time, even.

Sad story: I was wearing a pair of rental skates once and I noticed that my edging was far cleaner and each stride was much more stable than using my own skates. That's when I more or less decided I had to get a new pair of skates.

I'll definitely try looking for a pair of the 40s or 30s in this case. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for all the advice, greatly appreciate it.

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