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Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
I definitely don't recommend using the softer indoor wheels outside. They'll tear up in no time. I tore a bug chunk of one wheel right off the hub once after skating for about an hour outside. It was dying for a while and it eventually just went completely to hell. Even if that much doesn't happen to you, you'll still wear them down very quickly. Get some hard, outside wheels to use outside. The $40-60 you spend on them will save you countless more when you have to replace indoor wheels all the time because they're used outside.

1. how often should i rotate the wheels? You may very well see them wear down enough to warrant rotation. Even if you just swap 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, and 4-4 it'll help even out the wear as opposed to the old school rotation where you swap fronts & rears. Then again w/today's setups having different-sized wheels you can't do that anyway.

2. how often should i clean the wheels/bearings? - depends on the surface you skate on, check 'em out after every 1-2 games and see what they look like. After skating outside is probably a good idea due to dust, etc. I have a separate bearing set to go w/my wheels for when I play outside so I can save my nicer indoor ones.

3. is it worth it to have inline skates "baked"? Can't say. Never did. Don't think any of my teammates do either.

4. how big of a difference will it be transitioning from ABEC 3 to ABEC 9 bearings?
No clue. I went from 5 to 9 and just noticed they were a bit quicker. Nothing I had to get used to, though.
thanks again,

general consensus is that i should get some wheels!

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