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03-27-2012, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Hank Chinaski View Post
Thought I'd bump this thread, since I want to get some discussion going about the state of this roster, and some of the moves that should be made going forward. This is my vision for a 3 year plan for the Jets, with the purpose of becoming a consistent playoff team.

Before I get started, a couple of things:

1) I've listed players on the depth chart where I believe their upside or talent level dictates they should be ON A STANLEY CUP CONTENDING TEAM. Obviously this is a totally subjective exercise, but if nothing else, hopefully it can stimulate some discussion.

2) Players are put in bold, italicized, or normal font. This corresponds as:

Bold: Player whose age/upside/contract dictates they should be part of the Jets longterm plan, as in 2013-14 and beyond.

Normal: Player whose age/upside/contract dictates they should be potentially considered part of the Jets longterm plan, but could also be offloaded in the short term (ie. prior to 2013-14).

Italicized: Player whose age/upside/contract dictates they likely won't be part of the Jets longterm plan, and will most likely be off the roster prior to 2013-14.


Kane - x - x
Ladd - Little - Wheeler
Miettinen - Antropov - Wellwood/Burmistrov
Glass - Slater - Thorburn


Top 6: Yep, there's some holes here. You can argue all you like that this is overly critical, but my assumption is this; if the Jets are going to be a Stanley Cup contender, guys like Ladd, Little and Wheeler have to be considered 2nd line talents. Of course it's always subject to change, but none has showed enough consistency to be considered a bona fide first-liner.

Kane, despite his inconsistent play and often maddening inability to utilize teammates, should be slotted in the first line. The upside is there, no question, and I'd be willing to bet that he'll eventually reach it. So, what's missing from making this a true first line?

-A rangy, cerebral playmaker. Hey, that sounds like Scheifele! I hope he meets that expectation, I really do. Because if not, I just don't like the Jets chances of going to war with Little as their first liner. I just don't. He'd be ideally suited for the 2nd line role on a cup contending team, which is the premise I'm operating from

-A glass-eating, shift-disturbing, 30-30 type of guy. Think Milan Lucic. I believe the only way the Jets can become SC contenders is by infusing their top 6 with guys who are big, tough and compete. Ladd, Little, Wheeler, Kane, those are all good starts. But they need that one extra piece that fits that role, which I just don't feel is Burmistrov (more on that later).

Bottom 6: This looks alot better. Starting with the third line, I believe Miettinen, Antropov and Wellwood are solidly 3rd line guys on a contending team. Down the road, I would expect Klingberg, Cormier and a UFA RW would replace them, as none of the 3 is likely to figure in long-term. 4th line, much the same, though I see them as a bit more entrenched. The only reason why I haven't bolded Glass and Slater is that I have no idea whether they want to test the UFA waters. Nevertheless, Chevy should do everything in his power to get them inked.

Now you're probably asking, where's Burmistrov? Simply put, he's the wildcard in this equation. I just don't know where he fits at this point. But once again, operating under the premise that we want to be a SC contending team in 3 years time, I just can't justify placing him in our top 6. If he develops to that level, great. But as it stands, he would be a great 3rd liner, and that's not supposed to be any kind of knock

Depth: Pretty straightforward. Cormier and Klingberg should comprise our future 3rd line. Scheifele will hopefully evolve into a 25-50 type of 1st line C one day, but that's a big question mark. Fehr and Stapleton are dime a dozen players. I just don't see them figuring in long term.



-solid depth, with players who slot nicely into the 3rd and 4th line roles
-secondary scorers aplenty
-Evander Kane as a longterm building block up front


-Banking heavily that Scheifele will become a true first line C, and not another complementary type
-3rd line showing its age, Cormier and Klingberg may or may not pan out in that role
-Need a true scoring RW with size, so that Wheeler can be utilized in a complementary role

Future outlook:

-since it's highly unlikely the Jets will dip into the UFA pool for that coveted 1st line C or RW, I believe they need to strongly consider trading one of their defensive assets for some forward help.

-UFA period this summer and next summer should be to replenish team with 3rd liners for likely loss of Miettinen, Antropov, and Wellwood. Possibly even a 4th liner if one of Glass or Slater can't be resigned.

-Much of the latter point will be dictated by how ready Cormier and Klingberg are by next season.
Nice write up and analysis .

A couple points , Wheeler has taken another step up , even the last stretch when he hasn't scored imo. He creates virtually every shift , and his intensity , his compete level has as well. He could be a first line RW , and with the type of C you describe , he as well as Kane would greatly benefit from that. If he isn't a first line RW , he certainly is a great 2nd line RW imo.

You haven't included Teligin , and while we know he is likely a year or so away , what he has done the last 3 months have to make you serioulsy consider that he may be a significant component for this team. If his scoring continues he could be a second line winger , but could easily develop to a very good 3rd liner. Big , elite speed , can score ... nice assets and he is someone I want to watch very closely at camp this fall.

Tim Stapleton is a guy I had little regard for at the start of the year to be very direct. However he has gotten better and is a real nice "extra" guy. He has been good on the point and I would look to bring him back at a fair contract.

I think the bottom forwards need some work but we do have some possibilities , more grit , some nastyness would be nice.

A very solid , shut down , physical Dman would also be a big improvement.

Personally I think Chevy has a clear idea of whom he may trade for a similarly valued player , albeit a different type of player now that a full season has passed. Making the team over slightly , and that would be one step in the process.

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