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Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
Hello all,

Not sure how many inline guys roam these parts but:

Im about to get some new skates in the mail, and provided that they fit properly ill be using them at least every other day (mostly solo practice).

1. how often should i rotate the wheels?

2. how often should i clean the wheels/bearings?

3. is it worth it to have inline skates "baked"?

4. how big of a difference will it be transitioning from ABEC 3 to ABEC 9 bearings?

Thanks in advance for any help!
1. You'll pretty much have to use your best judgement based on how fast and what level of wear you'll accept.

2. if the bearings are sealed, you should never have to clean them. sealed bearings are used in industry under worse conditions than skating and never get cleaned. if they are grinding, replace them. cleaning wheels only gets some of the dirt out and is only a band-aid, and if you use compressed air, you can actually blow grit into the bearings

3. I bake my own skates and did my inlines and it was worth the price and it actually was effective

4. if you notice any difference it'll be slight, but new 9's will spin much better than dirty 3's

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