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03-27-2012, 03:46 PM
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Alfie Nation


After his game 3 shorthanded goal to tie the game - Alfie deserves this!!

And, he still has not confirmed that he will play again next year.

11 second countdown starting at 11:11 of each period followed by an ALFIE chant starting at 11:00.

Most fans will join in on the countdown at around the 6 second mark.

It was awesome to hear in the playoffs last year, and it also started some random Andy and Neil chants.

The Pageau chant to the OLE song is amazing!! Well done Sens fans!!

Let's spread the word and get this going again.

Last year was amazing thanks to all the work done by the posters on this board and their contacts!!

- an 11 second countdown starting at 11:11 - most fans will join in at around the 5 second mark

- followed by an Alfie chant at the 11:00 mark.

The countdown is key (thanks Nordiques Nation) it let's fans know the chant is about to start and that it's not just some random Alfie chant.

Originally Posted by SensChirp View Post

The NHL regular season is winding down and it's been a thrilling ride for our Ottawa Senators and in particular for the league's best Captain, Daniel Alfredsson.

Starting on April 3, when the Ottawa Senators host the Carolina Hurricanes, Sens fans should take the opportunity to show Alfie just how much he means to this team, to the organization and to the city of Ottawa.

Here is how it's going to work...

Beginning at 11:11 of the first period, and each period that follows, we are asking fans at the game to spontaneously break into a countdown from 11. Then, when the clock hits 11:00, we'll start one of those glorious "Alfie" chants that have become so popular at SBP.

Simple enough?

Let's do it Sens fans! Let's show the Captain just how much we appreciate everything he has done for the Ottawa Senators!
Thanks Sens Chirp for writing this so well!

If there is a stoppage in play just start the countdown from where we left off.

If it doesn't work very well in the first period, keep trying! People will catch on!

Let's do this for the Carolina game on April 3rd, the Boston game on April 5th, and all our playoff home games!

This could be totally lame or very cool ...

Since Alfie still hasn't confirmed his plans for next year, I think we should start an "Alfie Nation" type of salute to our captain; similar to those great Nordiques Nation fans.

We can show him again how much we appreciate everything he's done for our team and our city, and just maybe play a very small role in convincing Alfie to play for another season.

Starting at our next home game, Tuesday April 3rd vs Carolina, at the 11:10 mark of each period we should have a 10 second count down to the 11 minute mark, followed by a huge cheer then our "ALFIE" chant!

Thoughts? Lame? Cool?

This is great, thanks for all the positive feedback.

Yes Nordiques Nation already did this at SBP but it was awesome! The countdown gets the crowd ready for the cheer and chant.

I don't think it'll take too many attempts to get it going. Counting down for 11 seconds kind of preps everyone for what's about to happen. In the second period more people will be on board and the 3rd period will have even more.

Think we can do it?

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