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03-27-2012, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
i hope he does it...then I'll know who he is. dumbass bitter gaborik haters. jesus what a bunch of backwards idiots.
edit: and yes, they can ban you but it's extremely unlikely it'll be permanent. especially if you are a season ticket holder.
Believe it or not, "Everyone who disagrees with me is a dumbass backwards idiot" is not a good way to get people to come around to your side.

Whether you think he was right to leave or not, the way in which things went down and the bitterness between sides can't be blamed on the organization alone, and it's entirely reasonable for fans to be mad about what happened.

And honestly, even if it's for the wrong reasons, this organization needs a bit of hatred and bitterness. It's time for fans to start giving a **** again. Personally I put him on about the same level as Chuck Knoblauch.

Security won't give a ****. The Heater Haters got away with it just fine as far as I've heard, and the Wild would be stupid to risk alienating bitter fans any more in this god-forsaken excuse for a season.

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