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03-27-2012, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
well technically throwing things on the ice is cause for removal. but I really don't think they're going to risk those thousands of $ to ban anyone. People dislike Gaborik because it's easy and they don't care to actually figure out who they should be mad at. it makes us all looks stupid as a fanbase. I give up! You are correct--it isn't a way to get people on my side, but then again the people who do "hate" gaborik generally aren't very reasonable or rational people anyway. I doubt very much a honeyed tongue would work either.
I've heard arguments both for and against putting any blame on Gaborik. honestly the way things went down when he left was just the straw that broke the camels back with me. When he was here he was only in the lineup sporadically. He always seemed to put himself first. Case and point: his damned holdout and then when he signed he plays like crap? That one's all Gaborik. And then when he finally has surgery and adresses his glass groin problem YEARS after it should have been addressed, he leaves. Now he's pulling it together in New York? **** that.

I will root against him every time I see him. I rooted against him in the Olympics. I will root against the Rangers in the playoffs. I will boo my TV if he ever is in the same arena as the cup, let alone touches it.

He is a selfish jerk as far as I am concerned and if I had a Gaborik jersey and was within driving distance of the X, I would find a way to be there tonight so I could toss it on to the ice myself.

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