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02-20-2006, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Pepper
Why are we arguing here about Ruutu's toughness (or lack of it)?

Straka jumped him and wresteled him in the ice - had it been a real fight Straka would have probably bled more than Jagr. But since they only wrestled, it's only speculation.

You can hate Ruutu all you want but don't question his toughness because he IS tough.

The sad part is that had Jagr used a normal NHL-helmet instead of making a special request (granted by IIHF directorate before the games) to wear his paper Jofa, he wouldn't have been cut and most likely he would have finished the game. In that case we wouldn't be even discussing this here. The result of the hit was multiplied by the dangerous Jofa helmet which was banned by IIHF over 10 years ago, chances are he would have escaped with lesser injuries had he not been wearing helmet at all.
i dont care about ruutu's toughness, the hit was a charge and regardless of the the helmet that jagr was wearing he didnt really see the hit coming and probably would have been dazed to say the least from a semi blind sided hit. i didnt say it was boarding but jagr didnt see it coming and it was a charge making it cheap

what goes around comes around, look at marchment, look at samuelsson, even to an extent look at kasper, he got hit with that knee on knee last year and this year hes been getting messed with once every other game and hes very lucky to be healthy

ruutu will get his, i could care less who he has or has not beaten up, and after watching the phaneuf incident, although to some it is funny, where ruutu pulled him off balance when dion wanted to fight, it just screamed dale purinton to me, ruutu like purinton is someone who has no respect for the game

i didnt want dale on my team and i wouldnt want ruutu, its one thing to just skate away after someones has dropped their gloves and let them take a penalty, its another thing to embarass them like that

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