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03-27-2012, 08:49 PM
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I think for a rare time Habs prospect are somewhat underrated. Perhaps because the only decent prospect we've had in Hamilton was Leblanc, so there was little exposure. Regardless we have a massive influx of quality defensemen coming up and some solid forwards. Getting the top5 pick and (hopefully) selecting a potential star forward really completes the mix.

What I like is that the prospect group all ''fits in'' together. We don't rely too much on a single prospect yet none of them are really redundant. For instance at least one of Beaulieu and Tinordi is bound to become a good top4 dman. If both make it then good for us, theres space and a role for both. Same with the forwards, none of Bournival, Gallagher or Kristo would play the same role if they made the NHL.

The development of Weber for instance really suffered due to Subban&Diaz being similar but better types of defensemen. If Weber was a player of equal quality to what he is but bigger and more specialized defensively instead of offensively its certain he'd be in a regular in our top6. I don't see such a thing happening right now except if some less renowned guy like Bennett ends up challenging one of our upcoming left handed defensemen down the road.

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