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03-27-2012, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by charlamov71 View Post
uhh? please explain it to me. Are the russian teams usually much worse than the american or what?
it is very simple. and I am not being disrespectful to any Russian or its teams...

Russia is not a hockey power like Canada, they simply are not. if a player is having the choice of USA or Russia, its not the same as a player who has to pick between US and Canada. Canada is the power and everyone wants to play for the winner, thats why we lose kids now a days.

the Russian factor still exists and I see no reason for any player that has the chance to rid themselves of that not do matter if you are playing in North America, teams are still weary of Russian players and their dedication to this league.

more times then naught the Russian national teams are in turmoil or completely falter. there always seems to be a ton of drama in who is the GM, the coach, and what players get picked at all levels. Larionov has stated these numerous times over the years as well as many others.

simply put, the drama usually follows the Russians wherever they go. a kid like Galchenyuk who really doesnt owe much to Russia in terms of his development really doesnt have that hard of a choice to make...Russia or the US.

I fully understand that the US seems to underperform at the WJC level, but since 1991 there isnt another nation that has been as close to Canada then the US in competing for the Gold.. 1991 Canada Cup - silver, 1996 World Cup - Gold, 2002 Olympics - silver - 2010 Olympics - silver

it isnt about Russian players not having pride, it just isnt the same stage as a player picking between the US or Canada...then I would fear losing Galchenyuk as Canada does draw the more kids then ever.

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