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03-27-2012, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by ssmatik View Post
It has been the last two games. Sucks cause they are letting everyone park in the STH section. Took 30 minutes to get out last game. Normally takes 5 at the most.
A couple of years ago you could park anywhere at UofP but they've slowly but surely taken away those options. First they blocked off certain routes, then they blocked off parts of parking lots, then blocked entrances and cutoff entire parking lots, now it's to the point where only the first few rows in the northwest corner of UofP are available for parking and those have 1 way in and only 2 ways out. There has to be a reason they'd intentionally make it less and less efficient. I'm guessing:

1) Bidwells charge them for any use of UofP parking/routes so they've shrunk it down as much as possible to save money.
2) In the event the Coyotes actually stay (still holding out hope), they will likely charge for parking and in preparation are starting to structure it in a way that is conducive to that (tightly designated area, single entrance, etc.).

Now that I think about it further, it's likely both. It does suck because it suddenly makes going to and leaving a game noticeably more time consuming but if it's a preemptive strike at coming up with money to make the Coyotes situation more doable I certainly can't hate on that!

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