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03-27-2012, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by True Believer View Post
I went to the Chicago game hammered and was chanting all night. Top of the 300s in the corners bud. Come be with your own kind. LOL. Your original complaint was about ushers though, are you now saying that Sens fans were giving you looks? People in Ottawa are too self concious. It also doesn't help that they keep SBP lit up like a christmas tree though.

I've noticed it's getting better as we get closer to the playoffs. Come playoff time I'm sure SBP will be going nuts.
The 300's vibrate come playoff time. I was at the game vs Pittsburgh and the atmosphere was ok. Lots of Penguin fans though. Didn't get stared at for being loud though however I did hear some people say that it was TOO loud during the game

If I were to choose a place in the arena to be in it would definitely be the 300's. I haven't even noticed RSU at the game's this year at all either.

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