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02-20-2006, 11:33 PM
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Improvised Goaltender/ Shooting Targets

I have recently started playing pick-up games on an outdoor rink again. The problem that we run into is that is it near impossible to get a goalie to play outside up here. Therefore, I was wondering what other players on this board use as an improvised goalie or shooting targets.

When I played Roller Hockey in a parking lot on Guam, we sometimes had to use Coolers or rubbermaid containers and equipment bags as goalies. That works fine for a roller hockey ball, but I don't think it would work with a puck.

I had cut a somewhat heavy piece of plywood down to goal-size, and then cut two squares out in the top corners. I cut a small "5-hole" in the middle on the bottom, and cut various other holes to simulate the holes between a goalies pads and arms when in the "butterfly", and between the helmet and blocker, etc. I drilled out smaller holes to attached bungee cords through, to hold it in place on the net. The main problem with this "goalie" is he's quite heavy, and only having a Toyota Corrola as a vehicle to get to the rink and back, it is very cumbersome.

I also devised more conventional shooting targets by using the leftover smaller squares of plywood, stapling some old socks to the tops of them (to form a loop), and running the bungee cords through them, so that they hang down. I then attach the bungees to the net. This works fairly well, the big disadvantage is that a missed shot goes into the net, thereby eliminating any form of rebound.

Does anybody have any other ideas, or use something better?

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