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Name: Steven Z

Age: 21

Location: Andover, MA; at school in Vermont

Fav All time Bruins: Neely, Middleton, Byers, Moog, Oates

Fav Current Bruins:
Marchand, Thomas

Fav Non Bruin Players
: Selanne, Rinne

Fav Movies: Clerks, Return of the Jedi

Music: Classic Rock

Hobbies: Hunting and Fishing. Mostly waterfowl hunting.

Fav food: Ribeye

Fav Beer: Labatt Blue

Fav Bruin moment/how I became a fan: Grew up watching the Bs. Dressed up as Cam Neely for Halloween at age 4; was imitating Rene Rancourt by age 5. Attended a few of the Bruin's Wives' fundraisers in the late 90s. I had a picture of Neely with the caption "The Hip Gave Out, The Heart Never Did" on my door for many years. I remember when they destroyed the Boston Garden to build the Fleet center- I thought by "garden" they actually meant a place where horticulture happens.

How long I have been a B's fan:
Since I could walk and hold one of those miniature sticks, playing rug-hockey with my old man.

Origin of screen name: Someone took my intended name: Marchand's Nose, which was in honor of my 1st place fantasy hockey team from this season: NameAsLongAsMarchandsNose.

Jerseys owned: A small child home (White) Jersey with no number but several autographs from a mid-90s Bruins team. When Marchand started the 2010-2011 season with 5 quick goals, 3 of which were shorthanded, I decided to get a Marchand jersey. It's a 3rd jersey. I also have a Finnish National team Selanne jersey.

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