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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
Please. You could say that about just about any sporting activity outside of competitive eating. The probability of having a major facial injury playing beer league hockey is ridiculously low. Yes it happens, but so do compound fractures on a football field or destroyed dental work from bad hops on a baseball infield or from elbows on a basketball court.

I've gone without a cage my whole life, ice and roller, and I've played with teams full of guys in half shields and I've yet to experience or even witness an incident even as serious as the loss of a tooth. It's a risk, but some of you guys seem to liken it to stepping in front of a speeding train.

You guys do know there's a country north of us that's been playing this game, largely without cages, for about a hundred years right? All the Canadian guys I've played with, most of whom are very good, life long players, play with a half shield and they still have all their teeth.
Just because someone has done it for a while doesn't make it smart. How long was hockey played before the first goalie wore a cage? How many years did it take for players to wear helmets?

The risk/reward ratio is terribly skewed for those choosing to not wear a cage for rec league. Whats the reward of going cage-less? You have better vision (I'd argue you get used to a cage mighty quick), and you look like a tough guy.

Nobody cares how tough you look and nobody cares how many goals or passes you make during a rec league game. You risk your teeth, eyes, nose for that? Come on.

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