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03-27-2012, 11:22 PM
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This is great, thanks for all the positive feedback.

Yes Nordiques Nation already did this at SBP but it was awesome! The countdown gets the crowd ready for the cheer and chant.

I don't think it'll take too many attempts to get it going. Counting down for 10 seconds kind of preps everyone for what's about to happen. In the second period more people will be on board and the 3rd period will have even more.

So, there are a few things we need to decide:

When do we start the 10 second countdown?
- I proposed starting the countdown at the 11:10 mark and finishing at 11 minutes because I thought it was an easier number to work with.
- But I also think that the suggestion by AlfieDavidThoreau of starting the 10 second countdown at 11:21 and finishing at 11:11 is a great idea too.

What do we do at the end of the countdown?

- I suggested the loud cheer followed by our Alfie chant.
- Capital O TEETEE 613 suggested “Praise Alfie” followed by “one more year”.

And as mentioned by True Believer, whichever phrase we decide to go with we should also do it after Alfie scores.

We'll have a good idea on Thursday of what we want to do. Once we decide the above then let’s get the news out there. Thanks to everyone who tweeted and sent messages to our bloggers!

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