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03-27-2012, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by hockey diva View Post
So the losses to Edmonton and Pittsburgh were just "bad games" as well. Or the losses to Detroit where we were totally dominated just "bad games"? Tell me when is it not okay to have a bad game? St. Louis doesn't seem to be having many of those. Detroit despite their injuries still find ways to win. When I refer to our series with SJ, I am talking about a trend and patterns of play. And what I see is consistent inability to get over the "hump" and be considered an elite team that can truely contend for a Cup.
The Edmonton game was terrible. The Pittsburgh game wasn't good either, and yes, although they are red hot right now, we should've played better. But, it happens over the course of the season. St. Louis doesn't have many of them because they're the best team in the West. Detroit is 5-9-1 in their last 15 games so they aren't finding ways to win too often despite those injuries.

As far as the "not getting over the hump" thing, I get that, but before 2010 is different in my mind than all that stuff before it when we had the ownership issues and whatnot. Since missing the playoffs in 08-09, we've improved each season, and we have no idea if we're over the hump or not right now because it's still March, and the playoffs are still two weeks away.

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