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03-28-2012, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Exit Dose View Post
I'm sure it will come into focus near the end of next season's camp. I'm curious to see what Boudreau assembles when all of the options are on the table.
That was more a backhanded slap at Murray than it was Boudreau. I was never a big believer that Carlyle was the problem, and I honestly believe Murray cut him loose to save his own ass, but what's done is done. Boudreau is the coach now, and I think he deserves his chance. I think, at least in my opinion, what we've seen so far with him coaching is that the players were the issue. Murray threatened them, and they played for their jobs. Now that their jobs are safe, we're seeing a lot of the same crap. Except for Hiller, who just looks like he's Hiller again.

I'm rambling a bit. Basically, Boudreau hasn't had enough time. This team was never going to turn it around strictly because they changed the coach. Hell, Hiller getting back to form had a much bigger impact on the results than the coaching change did, which is what I've been preaching all along. This falls on the players. I'm sure Boudreau has some ideas on what direction the team needs to head, and I'm sure he'll express those ideas to Murray... who is the person I think needs to be put under the spotlight. It's Murray's job to give Boudreau a team that can compete, and I think the identity starts with Murray. It certainly did with Burke, and the other Murray before him. After that, I think it falls to the coach and the players, but I absolutely believe it starts with the GM.

It's not all Murray, of course. The players need to be held accountable too, and this season they just haven't been good enough. I just don't think Murray has done a good enough job in the off-season. Too often I feel like Murray is having to fix problems of his own making; patching holes that he left open, or actually created. That type of thing. Not that Burke was perfect. Far from it. I just felt like Burke was more proactive about fixing the problems(sometimes to a fault), where Murray is just reacting to problems as they crop up, but for the most part is willing to let things stagnate(the 2nd line comes to mind here).

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