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Originally Posted by led zep View Post
Every once in a while psystarcraft releases tips and tricks vids. Had two pretty cool tricks I never knew about.

First, you can burrow zerg units and have unburrow set to auto-cast. So when an enemy unit comes within range they will unburrow and attack. Best used for denying enemy expos. If you have a few burrowed banes waiting for an expo, they'll auto unburrow and attack. Ideally they attack the building and destroy it.

Second is for muta on muta battles. If you have equal number of mutas. Bring like 20lings to the fight and have them hold position under your muta ball. Your lings will absorb the glave bounces.

He did two examples of this, with and without lings (14 muta per side). Without lings one side had 3 mutas left over all in red. When he added lings, he had 7 muta left over and only 1 or 2 in red. Pretty awesome.
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