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Originally Posted by Prophet of Glennie View Post
Unless mention how many times you've actually watched Murphy I'm going to have to assume you're just making up everything because you're completely wrong. Beaulieu is not better than Murphy, not even close.

He made it over Murphy because Murphy was disadvantaged from the start in that he played a game where he is the focal point when he's on the ice while the coaching staff didn't (And they freely admiited it) like their defensemen playing a non conservetive style.

And saying Beaulieu made it over Murphy as evidence that he's better (Which is untrue, Murphys better in just about every part of his game) doesn't really work because Murphy didn't make the teamed based on the style he played (Hint, when he was 17 he was one of the best defensemen in camp when Cameron let him play to his strengths) and that team ended up being one of the most disappointing team Canada's in a long time.
Okay, go ahead and think Murphy is better.
Beaulieu is a much more well round d-man.
They're both fast, Murphy is better offensively, but Beaulieu is much better defensively and physically. He'll succeed because he can play any role, while Murphy will only have an offensive/PP role. I'm not a huge fan of either btw, i'm just telling you who i think is better.

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