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Originally Posted by German Way of War View Post
It was in response to a Habs fan who said he was an elite offensive d-man with 80-point potential, while stating Macdonagh is not good offensively.

What Subban does isnt brain surgery....Get puck, shoot...get puck, shoot...get puck, shoot.

ES isnt a useless stat. It shows that a guy doesnt need a PP to put up points. When you consider overall PP time per game is the lowest around the NHL since the lockout, I would say ES points is certainly a meaningful stat.
No matter the fan base, if someone claims taht a d-man has a 80 points per season potential, ignore him/her.

But it's two posts of yours that I quote which clearly show that you have no clue of what you're talking about when talking about Subban. You can praize McDonagh all you want, it's fair, but the way you try downplaying Subban is ridiculous as your points are simply false and full of air.

McDonagh is a safer player, no one in their right mind would deny that. Subban is a high risk, high reward player but he does a hell of a lot more than what you're describing. He has game breaking abilities as at any point, he can rush the puck and score or set-up that winning goal and that, whether it's at even strength or on the PP. Opposing players better keep their head up when Subban is on the ice as he'll crush you. Defensively, he is sound. Yes, he will turn the puck over once in a while but most times, he'll be the one hustling and fixing his own mistakes.

In my opinion, McDonagh is a good defenseman but Subban is and will be better down the line.

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