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Originally Posted by Mathradio View Post
If possible I'd add Pribyl. Then the Dogs won't suck nearly as much as they did... provided we draft (or sign) a goalie!
Pribyl is under contract with Sparta Praha next season and the Czech's are not part of the PTA, so it would seem likely that he will be back there next year. Hopefully they can bring him over for the 2013-2014 season though. Pribyl, Bennett, Dietz, would be a good start for another solid incoming class.

Originally Posted by Scotianhab View Post
Avtsin won't be cut loose as he has 1 more year left on his contract. I'd like to see Henry brought back. With the 50 contract limit it's hard to say if Slaney will be brought back with all the incoming forwards. Same goes for Masse, Fortier, Nash, Bishop & Conboy. I think Conboy, Nash, & Fortier should all be brought back. Goaltending is a weak spot but I believe we will sign a goalie out of the NCAA. At least I hope so
Avtsin is under contract for 2 more seasons as his first year slid since he was junior aged. Although the Habs can outright release him if they wanted out of his contract.

Slaney will be in tough to be brought back depending on how the roster shakes out.

Masse, Fortier, Nash and Conboy should all be back, Masse has been better then Fortier imo.

And yes they sorely need to improve the goaltending.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
From the sound of this thread, our farm system is likely to lose Dany Kristo and Greg Pateryn. That's too bad.
No one knows what Kristo will do, he has options but there's no way for anyone to know what direction he will go in. If he returns to North Dakota then so be it, we can still sign him after next season. If he opts to leave ND now but wants to sign somewhere else then that will suck to lose him for nothing.

Pateryn I like but with the Habs being deepest in D prospects, his loss wouldn't be a big deal since we have a number of quality D prospects in Beaulieu, Tinordi, Bennett, Ellis and Dietz. Plus the Habs have until August 15th to sign him, so him not signing now doesn't mean he won't be signed, but I'm sure he looks around and sees that he's going to be far down the ladder and ice time is going to be hard to come by in the AHL next season.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
It's also interesting that a lot of this forum is convinced the Bulldogs are going to rock next year.

All they're getting is an influx of 18-20 year-olds from what THN labeled the 28th best farm system in the NHL... and they might not even get Kristo and Pateryn. I suppose Hamilton might be more of a threat if any of Grigorenko, Yakupov, or Galchenyuk spend 40 games there.

I think it should be a priority for management to sign some (2 or 3 or 4) veteran AHL players to make sure the team doesn't completely suck as the kids adjust to playing with men. You don't want to much of a losing culture to develop, and it'd be better for them to make the playoffs.
If the Dogs don't improve their goaltending they won't "rock"

Only one player in Hamilton should be under 20 and that's Beaulieu. The rest will be 20 or older. There's no way Hamilton will be any of Grig, Yak, Galy.

The Dogs could have several vets in Hamilton next year, St-Denis, Henry, Mitera, Conboy, Masse, Fortier. Outside of Masse the rest would all be in their 4th AHL season or more.

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